Super Champs Airdrop

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The Super Champs Universe is a dynamic gaming and animation realm featuring a diverse group of young athletes from unique locations like Brontokyo, Nimbleton, Wispwood, and Zomberg.

Each Super Champ is handpicked to attend the prestigious Super Champs Academy, where they develop their emerging superpowers and athletic skills in mega-racket sports, battlesports, death-match parkour racing, and more.

Super Champs has launched a new rewards initiative for its users. By joining the Rewards Program, you can undertake various quests to accumulate Quest Points. At the season's conclusion, these Quest Points can be used to vie for CHAMP tokens.

- CHAMPAllocated Token
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Step by step guide

Visit Super Champs's Airdrop Page and sign up by connecting your wallet
We recommend using Metamask or Rabby
Complete additional quests to earn as many points as possible
At the end of the season, redeem your quest points to compete for CHAMP tokens
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