Nuritopia is an expansive universe designed to bring together people who share similar hobbies and interests through its innovative service, "FRIENDS & HANGOUTS." Their mission is to create a platform that seamlessly blends virtual and real-life experiences, allowing users to form genuine social connections in a virtual space while earning rewards by participating in both realistic and imaginative activities. In NURITOPIA, users will engage with each other through avatars.

To strengthen the connection between reality and the virtual world, they are building a multi-chain-supported NFT marketplace. This marketplace will enable users and brands to collaborate securely, co-create content, and trade, all while enjoying their time in the NURITOPIA metaverse. As we continue to expand, additional services will be introduced to create an ecosystem with unique and exciting features.

Nuritopia's native token, NBLU, which is based on Binance Smart Chain, will play a central role in the entire ecosystem.

Key features of NURITOPIA:
- The platform will offer a wide range of activity spaces known as "zones."
- It can accommodate up to 300 concurrent users (avatars) on a single screen.
- GPS technology will automatically place users in zones with nearby users.
- Users will have the freedom to move seamlessly across different zones.
- The virtual landscape will also include properties and real estate that can be acquired for commercial or strategic purposes.