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Nuritopia Quest Promo

  • Paid out
  • Payout 2023-10-31

Nuritopia is a boundless universe that brings people with similar hobbies and common interests together under its service "FRIENDS & HANGOUTS". They are developing a platform at the nexus of the virtual and reality that offers a method to authentically forge social connections in a virtual space and an opportunity to be rewarded by participating in both real-life and fantastical activities. In Nuritopia users will interact through avatars.

NuriFlex Group ("Company") has exciting news to share! They have officially launched their social dating metaverse platform called NuriTopia, now available on both the App Store and Play Store. To mark this special occasion, the Company invites all dreamers, adventurers, and romantics to embark on an incredible journey during their onboarding QUEST event, taking place throughout August 2023. With a prize pool exceeding $100K in NBLU and RH tokens, this event offers rewards to everyone who participates.

NuriTopia goes beyond being a simple platform; it creates an immersive ecosystem that fosters thrilling adventures and authentic connections within the vast expanse of the Metaverse. By using personalized avatars, you'll dive into dating and socializing in a uniquely expressive and captivating manner, brimming with endless possibilities. In this space, traditional geographical boundaries vanish, and relationships have the opportunity to evolve gradually, based on mutual respect and shared interests.

NuriTopia pioneers a new frontier in the Metaverse, shaping an unprecedented social landscape that seamlessly blends gaming, shared experiences, and meaningful bonds. The future of dating and socializing has arrived, and it awaits your exploration and enrichment.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Join the QUEST now and unlock fantastic rewards along the way.

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Step by step guide

Visit Nuritopia's Airdrop Page and click on "Participate"
Download the Nuritopia app for your preferred device
Setup your MBTI in your profile (50 NBLU + 500 RH tokens)
Invite active friends to join (25 NBLU + 100 RH tokens for every qualified referral)
Cumulate In-app rewards (up to 100 NBLU + 1.000 RH tokens)
Share your feedback and BSC address (10 NBLU + 200 RH tokens, 10 words minimum)
Participate in their Zealy campaign


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