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Nuritopia x Promo

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Nuritopia is a boundless universe that brings people with similar hobbies and common interests together under its service "FRIENDS & HANGOUTS". They are developing a platform at the nexus of the virtual and reality that offers a method to authentically forge social connections in a virtual space and an opportunity to be rewarded by participating in both real-life and fantastical activities. In Nuritopia users will interact through avatars.

Nuritopia x are giving away a total of 8.000.000 NBLU tokens during their Startup promo.
Prepare yourself as this event will only be available for 24 hours on March 23, 2023, starting at 00:00:00 UTC+1.

Token allocation:
(Your qualified shares / Total qualified shares) x Startup Total Supply

8.000.000 NBLUAllocated Token
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Step by step guide

Visit Nuritopia's Airdrop Page
Register / Login to your account
Ensure you've completed KYC-2 Advanced verification process
If you are a VIP-0 user and want to participate, you must have a balance of tokens worth a minimum of $500 in your Spot Assets. For VIP-1 and higher users, the required minimum balance to join is $20 multiplied by the number of shares.
Sign the Purchase Agreement on Startup before placing orders
Depending on your VIP level, you will be able to place share orders
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