wifdog Airdrop

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  • 17 days left
  • Limited to 10.000 User
  • Payout 2024-09-05

Wifdog is a cryptocurrency meme inspired by the character White Fang, the wolfdog from Jack London's famous novel.

This meme taps into the adventurous spirit and thrilling escapades depicted in the story, capturing the essence of the wild and resilient canine protagonist. Through the world of digital currency, Wifdog pays homage to the classic literary work, connecting the dots between modern finance and timeless storytelling.

Wifdog is distributing a total of 1 billion WIFDOG tokens among 10.000 selected wallet addresses.
Each of these 10.000 wallets will be credited with 100.000 WIFDOG tokens.

100.000 WIFDOGToken
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