The Mutant Cartel
The The Mutant Cartel airdrop is unfortunately over.
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The Mutant Cartel Promo

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The Mutant Cartel, created by Novel Labs, is a pioneering realm within the MAYC ecosystem that enriches the intellectual property of its holders through second-layer storytelling.

As a community, they provide a space for members to come together, create, and find a sense of belonging.

The Mutant Cartel is airdropping 1x Oath Pass NFT and 3x Hound NFTs during their Discord promotion.

- The member with the most tags in the "recruits" channel wins an Oath and a Mutant Hound
- All members with 10+ tags in the "recruits" channel are entered into a Mutant Hound giveaway
- All new members who complete the steps above from Thursday, 4th of July 2024 to Monday, 8th of July 2024 get entered into a Mutant Hound giveaway

4,00 NFTAllocated Token
- Referral System

Step by step guide

Switch to the "recruits" section
Post "@M3Br0wn sent for me" in the recruits section
Invite your friends to also join the promo
The official announcement can be found here


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