The Lost Wallet
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The Lost Wallet is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) taking place across various Web3-related projects, including Twitter and Discord. The game follows the story of @Leviathor_eth, an engineer at a mysterious AI company with a passion for the digital world, who has vanished under mysterious circumstances.

Are you ready for the biggest Web3 treasure hunt ever? Join The Lost Wallet NFT Giveaway & Treasure Hunt Challenge and embark on a thrilling adventure through various challenges. By solving 24 quests, you'll have a chance to reconstruct a seed phrase of 24 words. The first player to successfully reconstruct the seed phrase will win the highly coveted CryptoPunk NFT #2672.

As an added incentive, The Lost Wallet is also giving away the Nakamigos NFT #18540 to the TOP 1 Zealy player.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to put your problem-solving skills to the test and win big in the exciting world of Web3. Let's go on this adventure together and see who will be the first to uncover the lost wallet!

2,00 NFTsAllocated Token

Step by step guide

Visit The Lost Wallet's Airdrop Page and connect your Metamask wallet
Nakamigos NFT #18540
Complete as many quests as possible by the 21st of April
CryptoPunkt NFT #2672
Join The Lost Wallet's Discord Channel
- The best way is to work your way down the channels from top to bottom and start with the "word-validator"
- Click "Set my infos", and submit your wallet address and your Twitter username
- Get familiar with the free game and try to solve the quests to get eligible to mint a NFT for each solved quest
- Every week there is a new quest until someone has all 24 words together and is crowned the winner

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