The Lost Wallet is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) taking place across various Web3-related projects, including Twitter and Discord. The game follows the story of @Leviathor_eth, an engineer at a mysterious AI company with a passion for the digital world, who has vanished under mysterious circumstances.

As a player, you'll solve enigmas and uncover clues to rescue Leviathor and unlock his wallet, which has piqued the interest of many, including some with malicious intentions. The adventure promises to be thrilling and challenging, as you navigate through a rich variety of challenges.

The story begins when strange messages were posted on Leviathor's Twitter account a few weeks ago, and now it's up to you to uncover the truth behind his disappearance. The goal is to find the 24 words of a Metamask seed phrase's wallet, with the winner getting to keep whatever is inside.

Are you ready for the challenge? Let's go on this exciting adventure together!

Airdrops by The Lost Wallet