SatoshiVM Airdrop

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SatoshiVM stands as a Layer 2 solution integrating Bitcoin with a Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Rollup, aligned with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) environment. It uniquely uses Bitcoin (BTC) for transaction fees. This platform creates a bridge between the EVM and Bitcoin spaces, allowing for asset issuance and application development within the Bitcoin framework.

Step into Tomorrow with SatoshiVM's Testnet Release! Experience the cutting-edge SAVM bridge, enabling effortless transfers from Ethereum to SatoshiVM.

SatoshiVM has unveiled plans to launch its new token, SAVM, soon. Participants now have the unique opportunity to experiment with the bridge on the freshly released testnet, and they might be eligible for an airdrop when the token becomes officially available.

Please note:
You should always keep in mind that the various actions are usually not a guarantee for an airdrop or any reward.

- SAVMToken
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Step by step guide

Connect your wallets
We recommend using Metamask and UniSat
Get some ETH on Sepolia network
Claim some tSAVM and tBTC via the listed faucets
Bridge some tSAVM from Sepolia ETH to SatoshiVM testnet and back
Bridge seme tBSC FROM BTC testnet to SatoshiVM testnet and back
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