SatoshiVM stands as a Layer 2 solution integrating Bitcoin with a Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Rollup, aligned with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) environment. It uniquely uses Bitcoin (BTC) for transaction fees. This platform creates a bridge between the EVM and Bitcoin spaces, allowing for asset issuance and application development within the Bitcoin framework.

Key technological aspects of SatoshiVM include:
- ZK-EVM Compatibility: SatoshiVM operates as an adaptable ZK Rollup, incorporating EVM for computations outside the main chain. This design lets users engage with SatoshiVM similarly to Ethereum, offering a familiar environment for developers to create applications.
- ZK Rollup Technology: By aggregating numerous transactions into one and confirming them on the Bitcoin network as a single transaction, SatoshiVM leverages Rollup technology. This approach maintains Bitcoin-level security, assuring both the integrity and accessibility of data.
- ZK Fraud Proof Mechanism: Utilizing advanced techniques like Taproot and Bitcoin Script, SatoshiVM can verify contracts on-chain without changing Bitcoin's consensus rules. This method effectively computes fraud proofs.
- Data Availability Commitment: SatoshiVM is obliged to publish transaction data on the Bitcoin main network. This transparency allows anyone to validate the accuracy of computations performed outside the main Bitcoin network.
- BTC as Transaction Fuel: In a novel approach, SatoshiVM uses BTC as the 'fuel' for EVM transactions. This is analogous to how ETH is used in ETH OP Rollup/ZK Rollup Layer 2 solutions, marking a significant step in integrating BTC into this ecosystem.

Airdrops by SatoshiVM