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PLOTS stands as the inaugural GameFi platform, offering gamers access to complimentary in-game NFTs while ensuring NFT proprietors and passive investors earn yields. It ambitiously aims to become the premier destination for gaming item rentals and to establish the most extensive game item management entity, distributing real earnings to NFT holders and investors.

PLOTS has initiated the concluding phase of its airdrop promotion, known as Presale Registration in Part III.

Please note:
Remember, prior to investing, undertake diligent research to fully grasp the potential risks and benefits. Making informed decisions is key to navigating the investment landscape successfully. 

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Step by step guide

Visit PLOTS's Airdrop Page and connect your wallets
Part I & Part II / Completed
Part III - Presale Registration / Ongoing

The minimum purchase is $50. Those who purchase the presale will also receive an additional boost for their airdrop. If you opt out of the presale, you will still receive your full airdrop for any points you accumulated in parts I, II, and III.
Use the referral code "9L9V" to receive 2.500 extra points
All important information can be found in the related FAQ
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