The PLOTS airdrop is unfortunately over.
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PLOTS stands as the inaugural GameFi platform, offering gamers access to complimentary in-game NFTs while ensuring NFT proprietors and passive investors earn yields. It ambitiously aims to become the premier destination for gaming item rentals and to establish the most extensive game item management entity, distributing real earnings to NFT holders and investors.

PLOTS is airdropping a total pool of 80.000.000 PLOT tokens to eligible participants.

80.000.000 PLOTSAllocated Token
YesReferral System

Step by step guide

Visit PLOTS's Airdrop Page and connect your wallets
If eligible you will see your points allocation according to following criterias:
Part I - Focused on social engagement, rewarding points for referrals and social sharing activities / Completed

Part II - Participants earn points by possessing eligible NFTs/tokens or by ranking as a top player in Pixels/Nucyber. Additionally, tweeting about the claim can result in bonus points to boost visibility and excitement / Ongoing

Part III - mandates an action specific to the user's role on the platform. For instance, NFT owners might need to mint VLND and maintain it for a set duration. Not fulfilling this requirement could lead to a deduction of up to 70% of their points. Any points forfeited will be reallocated to those who successfully complete their tasks. Part III will also introduce exclusive benefits and enhancements, though it's closed to new entrants; only those who registered their wallet during Part II are eligible to participate / Upcoming
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Enoch01Enoch01 I want to be part of this ecosystem guys
09 Apr, 2024, 22:03