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fuse.gold Airdrop

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fuse.gold has been meticulously designed and created within the last two years. Their intentions are to fuse the stability of gold with the velocity of crypto. They use state-of-the-art blockchain technology for optimum security called Proof of Reserve (PoR). This feature is integrated by ChainLink, fuse.gold also utilizes their Oracle service.

fuse.gold differentiates from other gold-backed tokens because they pride themselves on having a world-class single-layer referral system where anyone can earn free gold. There is a standard rate as well as an influencer rate for the referral system.

Additionally, any transactions completed using the fuse.gold token earns another free token called Gold X. This helps to separate them from the crowd and will reward their customers based on their transactional volume with the fuse.gold gold backed token.

fuse.gold is airdropping GOLDX tokens to early adopters.
Register now and reserve your GOLDX points, which can be converted to GOLDX tokens later on.

- GOLDXToken
- Referral

Step by step guide

Register on fuse.gold's Website
Verify your email
Generate your referral link and share it with your friends


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Mandelord Mandelord <p>Interesting</p>
12 Feb, 2023, 08:08
BeyanTSBeyanTS Good project
01 Oct, 2022, 00:25
UgwuabelUgwuabel Interested
22 Sep, 2022, 20:29
m3meysam@gmail.com[email protected] nice project
19 Sep, 2022, 01:14