fuse.gold is a digital asset where one token represents one fine gram of a London Good Delivery Gold bar, stored in secure vaults in London. Any holder of fuse.gold owns the physical gold which is held under the guardianship of fuse.gold Ltd. The value of fuse.gold also follows the real-time price in the Gold markets.

fuse.gold has been designed as an Ethereum-based crypto token following ERC-20 and other protocols making it congruent with Ethereum and other types of wallets that accept ERC-20/BEP-20 tokens. All transactions are complete in line with the rules of the smart contract on the Ethereum/other blockchains. Due to this smart contract, transactions negate any human error and the system operates purely as programmed.

Like all Ethereum/crypto tokens, fuse.gold is available 24 hours a day to make settlements against various different currencies. This differs from traditional gold, which is only available during banking business hours, fuse.gold can be moved anywhere at any time.

Airdrops by fuse.gold