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Cryptopia stands as the premier fully decentralized, on-chain game, operating devoid of central game servers. Simplifying the onboarding process is achieved through an integrated multi-signature wallet, a free-to-play-and-earn approach, and a gasless solution on the SKALE chain.

Cryptopia is introducing the inaugural Airdrop Campaign (with more to come), and it's monumental! A staggering 25 million TOS tokens, equivalent to $87.500, are being distributed. In line with the Cryptopia ethos, your time is highly esteemed.

The greater your engagement, the greater the value you receive. There are missions, tasks, a referral system, a power-up mechanism, and additional features to enhance your experience.

- TOSAllocated Token
YesReferral System

Step by step guide

Visit Cryptopia's Airdrop Page and register with your email address
Complete various missions, tasks, and refer your friends to increase your rewards
Airdrop start date: 12th April 2024
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