Cryptopia stands as the premier fully decentralized, on-chain game, operating devoid of central game servers. Simplifying the onboarding process is achieved through an integrated multi-signature wallet, a free-to-play-and-earn approach, and a gasless solution on the SKALE chain.

Combining elements of Civilization (strategy), Tycoon games (business simulation), and RPGs, Cryptopia tokenizes all resources and renders all game items as NFTs. Employing blockchain as a pivotal element, all values and factors determining player effectiveness are embedded within the chain.

The gaming model fosters interdependence between players who spend/purchase and those who opt not to or cannot do so. These groups mutually support each other's progress by creating quests, providing jobs, and rewarding one another. Thus, Cryptopia fosters a genuine player-to-player economy, embodying the vision of decentralization through user-generated content within a community-owned game.