The Celestia Genesis Drop airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
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Celestia Genesis Drop Promo

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Celestia stands as a modular blockchain network, aiming to construct a scalable layer for data availability, thereby facilitating the development of the succeeding wave of scalable blockchain structures - modular blockchains. The scalability of Celestia is achieved by segregating execution from consensus and introducing an innovative primitive, known as data availability sampling.

The Genesis Drop has a total allocation of 60.000.000 TIA tokens, and invites 7.579 developers and 576.653 onchain addresses to join Celestia, the first modular data availability network, from the first block.

20.000.000 TIA tokens for Early Adopters of Ethereum Rollups
20.000.000 TIA tokens for Stakers & IBC Relayers of Cosmos Hub and Osmosis
20.000.000 TIA tokens for contributors in Research & Public Goods & Modular Ecosystem

60.000.000 TIAAllocated Token
- Referral System

Step by step guide

Visit Celestia's Airdrop Page
Click on "Check TIA Eligibility"
If eligible, you'll need a TIA (Mocha-4 testnet) address, which can be created using Keplr or Leap wallet
Submit your address and claim your assigned TIA tokens
The official announcement including detailed information can be found here


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