The Archway airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
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Archway Airdrop

  • Paid out

Archway is an incentivized smart contract chain for the Cosmos ecosystem that allows developers to deploy high-performance dapps and get rewarded for the value they contribute to the network.

Archway is airdropping a total of 35.753.300 ARCH tokens to various users of the Cosmos ecosystem.
Snapshot date: 16th January 2023 18:03 UTC

Update 09/23:
Mainnet is online - airdrop is claimable

35.753.300 ARCHAllocated Token
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Step by step guide

Visit the Archway airdrop eligibility checker page and enter your Cosmos wallet
The following options were available to qualify:
- More than 25 ATOM staked
- Bridged more than €5k worth of assets in a single transaction, through Axelar
- Deployed a contract on Terra (Classic)
- Used Constantine-2, or Torii testnets
The airdrop will be claimable shortly after Archway mainnet genesis to all active participants via Archway Connect
The official announcement can be found here
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