Developers who build and launch impactful decentralized applications (dapps) on Archway have the opportunity to earn a proportional share of network fees and rewards. This unique earning model provides developers with the potential for recurring rewards and allows them to participate in the growth of the underlying protocol. One of the key advantages of Archway is its optimized technical design, which offers developers a seamless experience while also implementing a more inclusive rewards system.

Archway's reward system is divided into three categories, each with its own sharing mechanism:

- Gas Rebates: Archway uniquely shares gas fees between dapp developers and validators, initially at a 50% split but adjustable through network governance.
- Inflation: Similar to the Cosmos Hub model, Archway sees an annual token supply increase of 7% to 20%. Dapp developers and validators receive a split of 25% and 75% respectively.
- Smart Contract Fees: Archway enables dapp developers to set custom fees within their smart contracts, covering costs beyond gas fees like distributed storage and off-chain processing. These fees can be modified post-deployment.

In summary, Archway provides developers with the opportunity to earn rewards through gas rebates, inflationary token distribution, and customizable smart contract fees. These rewards are shared between developers and validators, fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial ecosystem within the platform.

Airdrops by Archway