Instead of public RPC services that are open to all, ZOCI's private RPC services offer heightened security and personalized customization, aligned with an individual's distinct workflow. With ZOCI's private RPC, you can safeguard data confidentiality, reduce security vulnerabilities, and streamline performance by cutting out redundant network traffic.

Key features:
- ZOCI private RPC services emphasize advanced security and privacy protocols, guaranteeing the safe exchange of sensitive information between client applications and remote servers.
- While many transactions have some traceability, ZOCI prioritizes your privacy by wiping all metadata upon successful relay.
- With ZOCI, enjoy a fully customizable RPC experience, designed to fit your requirements. Define your interactions with dApps or smart contracts on your terms.
- ZOCI is compatible with a broad spectrum of chains, encompassing ZkSync, Polygon zkEVM, Starknet, and more.
- The Transaction Guard feature mitigates phishing risks and flags suspicious smart contract activities, ensuring users engage only with trusted, verified sources.

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