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Yum Yum Token Promo

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Yum Yum Token is an innovative community-led initiative constructed on Base, which seeks to establish an enduring decentralized finance (DeFi) structure. By utilizing YUMY, an operational token for staking, farming, and administration, it grants incentives to users for retaining and utilizing it. Yum Yum Token strives to uplift meme coins to the next echelon through its distinctive tokenomics and interactive community.

Yum Yum Token is giving away a total of YUMY tokens, which represents 20% of the total supply, during their airdrop promo.
Complete the listed tasks to get your share.

200 trillion YUMYAllocated Token
YesReferral System

Step by step guide

Like and quote retweet the pinned tweet and use the following hashtags: #YumYum #BuildOnBase #MemeCoin #100xGem
Join Yum Yum Token's Discord Channel and invite your friends and stay active
If you reach the highest level of activity and inviting, your airdrop will be multiplied by 12
A Discord support channel will be available for participants to furnish their Twitter username and MetaMask wallet address ahead of the Yum Yum Token airdrop allocation
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