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  • Closed is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges incorporated in Panama in 2014 with headquarters in Dubai. YoBit offers more than 450 coins with 3900+ trading pairs. The platform does not collect your personal data and does not obligate users with KYC and verification procedures. YoBit allows users to trade totally anonymously without limits and with the support of fiat deposits and withdraws.

FastDollars (FUSD) global airdrop provides users daily rewards up to 4700 FUSD for easy tasks and a lucrative referral program with 30% payout of referrals earnings.

4.700 FUSDToken
- Referral

Step by step guide

Sign up to YoBit without KYC  (300 FUSD)
Deposit crypto/assets to the exchange (Deposits with Metamask are available) using “Wallets” section. (700 FUSD)
Make at least 1 swap on YoBit DeFi pools (900 FUSD)
Start yield farming on YoBit YoFarm platform (1100 FUSD)
Make tweets, Facebook posts, shoot YouTube and TikTok videos about YoBit Airdrop to get up to 3800 FUSD every day.
Don’t forget to click on “Make” button after you complete the task
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getmanpalacegetmanpalace <p>We are waiting for $1 per token. I heard this is a new stablecoin from this exchange</p>
11 Apr, 2022, 10:17
wiswandilandwiswandiland this is my first time using this exchange, Excellent airdrop tbh, my question are we must repeat the task every day?
10 Apr, 2022, 17:45
Noisegenerate​Noisegenerate​ Good? project?
10 Apr, 2022, 07:24
somoff67somoff67 it's good that they added, I missed the beginning, although I've been waiting for several months for airdrop from this exchange
09 Apr, 2022, 09:00
wiswandilandwiswandiland sorry sir, how long we wait for the first task?
LegendarutyAirdropusLegendarutyAirdropus wiswandiland, it is already possible to complete tasks, everything is active
svetiksem270586svetiksem270586 I love such airdrops from existing exchanges, it's always good money.
08 Apr, 2022, 11:23
Юра ВолковЮра Волков It's cool that such an exchange conducts airdrops. In 2015 it was the top 3 exchange, it's very cool!
08 Apr, 2022, 05:25
PhroskinPhroskin when will there be an auction for this coin? How long will the airdrop last?
07 Apr, 2022, 19:31
TolikD30515TolikD30515 Not the easiest airdrop, you will have to try to constantly do everything. The tasks are simple, but you need to do them everyday to earn a couple thousand dollars.
07 Apr, 2022, 17:35
Mark WilliamsMark Williams a big plus is that this is a well-known exchange
07 Apr, 2022, 17:05
nadasernadaser Any airdrop from exchanges is always a big profit. We are participating and waiting for the listing
07 Apr, 2022, 17:04
DJIN74DJIN74 <p>Is it possible to perform only part of the tasks?</p>
07 Apr, 2022, 17:03
prisep21prisep21 I like the name of the coin, I don't know if the token will be traded at a price of $ 1, but it would be very cool!
07 Apr, 2022, 16:53
niveresniveres I am just studying cryptocurrency, I hope my efforts will pay off and I will be able to earn at least a few hundred dollars.
07 Apr, 2022, 16:47
sashok947sashok947 I wonder if it's really possible to earn $500+
07 Apr, 2022, 16:35
jeyihal892jeyihal892 This exchange has been working since 2015, you can be sure that they will pay.
07 Apr, 2022, 16:33
linkhwefwwlinkhwefww I have already participated in their airdrop, the coin was called dlrs and I will be able to earn $ 800 from each account. Those who immediately sold the token for $ 200-300 earned. Maybe this time it will be the same, so don't sell right away
07 Apr, 2022, 16:31
егор сомегор сом I participated twice in airdrops from this exchange, the first time there was a long airdrop and I earned $ 400, the second time $ 600. I am sure that it will be exactly the same here.
07 Apr, 2022, 14:37
Iwan BilenkoIwan Bilenko I have very high expectations from this airdrop
07 Apr, 2022, 14:31
syleymaansyleymaan You can participate without investments, but I transferred $ 1 to this exchange and bought 4000000 schiktcoins for this amount, this is enough to participate. The coin is called dice, use this life hack!
07 Apr, 2022, 14:26
antonikrajewskiantonikrajewski a very well-known exchange, such promotions and airdrops are constantly held
07 Apr, 2022, 14:25
bsarabsara wait $500-700
07 Apr, 2022, 13:46
sapoginsapogin Excellent airdrop, I hope I can earn good money
07 Apr, 2022, 13:44
Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang
Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang I think you can earn $300 or more.
07 Apr, 2022, 13:43