• BlockchainEthereum
  • Total Supply75.000.000
  • Circ. SupplyN/A
yCASH Price
0.00000000 BTC

Inside their platform, they are creating the first-ever DeFi Futures Perpetual Contracts trading market where users can place long and short position trades with leverage all completely decentralized and by the people. Collateral providers who provide liquidity to their futures pool will be rewarded on trade losses and trade liquidations.

Their deflationary, native Token yB, when staked, will produce monetary rewards of their associated Token yCASH on open markets backed by their liquidity pools chosen from their data-driven research. Token yCASH, also a deflationary token will act as their staking rewards token from Token yB. Token yB represents the key to their entire ecosystem as, without it, you will not be a participant in our platform.

The Development company they have partnered with to help them bring the project to life is Winjit Technologies. Winjit Inc. is an AI technology platform company with proven expertise in blockchain technology and offices in New York, San Francisco, as well as China, India, and South Africa. The Yield Bank project, its incredible two native tokens, and their all-in-one DeFi platform with many unique features has been in development since August. From the beginning, a key Venture Capitalist has been a part of the team to fund the project in a fully vested manner. This ensures the project will not be delayed or die down due to a lack of funding and delivering a high-end, functioning product to the DeFi market is a certainty. They will create a market for LP tokens on their platform.

A much more varied, accessible and liquid market for LP tokens than ever available before in DeFi backed by their liquidity pools, the sheer size of their platform and its volume. By locking the liquidity in our pools forever, they are creating a positive feedback loop of ever-increasing liquidity — liquidity can only increase with time and never decrease.