The X.LA Creator Challenge airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
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X.LA Creator Challenge Airdrop

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The X.LA Foundation leverages blockchain and Web3 technologies to make smart revenue-sharing contracts available to creators around the world.
By democratizing rights ownership and management, X.LA eliminates the need for costly legal services and levels the playing field between creators and distributors.

This contest challenges your creativity, not your particular artistic prowess. You have complete freedom to draw a meme, picture, or NFT absolutely any way that you want. The only condition is that your creation must have a connection to X.LA, what it stands for, and what it is about.
Prove it and win 1 out of 10 rare X.LA NFTs. 

10 NFTsAllocated Token
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11 Apr, 2022

Step by step guide

Open X.LA's Airdrop Form
Draw a meme, picture, or NFT absolutely any way that you want. The only condition is that your creation must have a connection to X.LA, what it stands for and what it is about.
 Tweet your art with the #XLA hashtag and tag X.LA's Twitter account @x_la_official
Join X.LA's Discord Channel
Follow X.LA's X Page
Join X.LA's Telegram Group
Join X.LA's Telegram Announcement Channel
Submit your details in the airdrop form.



11 Apr, 2022
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chineseredchinesered I hope I can win
16 Mar, 2022, 19:54
farmerfarmer A strong fund and a high-quality interesting airdrop
16 Mar, 2022, 15:04
levar804levar804 I'm sure everyone will like my nft, which I came up with for them
15 Mar, 2022, 20:02
jacquanjacquan how best to draw this picture?
14 Mar, 2022, 21:59
baleighbaleigh I like to draw memes
14 Mar, 2022, 17:44
DJIN74DJIN74 xla doesn't have any logo or character?
13 Mar, 2022, 13:56
eman2262eman2262 I like that this is a non-standard airdrop. It's really interesting to participate in this
13 Mar, 2022, 13:03
cerignat25cerignat25 I've already made 10 memes about xla, I'll take at least 1 nft because these are perfect moms, you'll like it
13 Mar, 2022, 08:32
volnavolna I wonder how much competition there is
13 Mar, 2022, 06:55
prisep21prisep21 Cool fund, very active in their chat
13 Mar, 2022, 06:12
somoff67somoff67 Nice airdrop
13 Mar, 2022, 04:38
Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang
Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang I wonder what others can come up with, share your art, I'm really interested!
13 Mar, 2022, 02:48
econ331econ331 hey have already written about this fund everywhere, I think it's really profitable airdrop
12 Mar, 2022, 21:40
Вячеслав МарковВячеслав Марков it's cool when airdrops encourage creativity, and not a bot farm
12 Mar, 2022, 20:12
ОльгаОльга I like such airdrops where you need to create something, and not just put a couple of likes
12 Mar, 2022, 20:03
Vlad1458Vlad1458 Thank you for the information! Really good airdrop
12 Mar, 2022, 19:43
КристинаКристина we participate in all the chat, I don't know who will win, but these nfts will be very expensive to sell
12 Mar, 2022, 19:16
НиколайНиколай today I will make moms for them, I hope this time I will also be able to win the meme contest :)
11 Mar, 2022, 14:31
Tolik30515Tolik30515 the best airdrop is when you need to draw memes
11 Mar, 2022, 14:13
semenov74semenov74 It's a pity that there are so few awards, but it means that the value is very high.
11 Mar, 2022, 14:06
grecusgrecus I am already participating in this competition, so far I have only done 3 nft. I hope they like it and I'll take the prize
11 Mar, 2022, 13:52
Максим ВеселовМаксим Веселов Is it already possible to see other people's options, or is it only at the end of the competition?
11 Mar, 2022, 13:42
tulaittulait Just 10 nft for everyone or is everyone guaranteed to get from 1 to 10 nft ?
11 Mar, 2022, 13:36
system1000system1000 What ideas do you have for nft?
11 Mar, 2022, 13:30
sapoginsapogin an interesting airdrop, I'll try to draw you an nft :D
11 Mar, 2022, 13:27
KnyazzKnyazz cool, finally a really good airdrop
11 Mar, 2022, 13:24
Pavel IvanovPavel Ivanov I like that this is a non-standard airdrop. It's really interesting to participate in this
11 Mar, 2022, 13:22
Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang
Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang The fund is new, but the CEO is very famous. We will definitely participate!
11 Mar, 2022, 13:21
егор сомегор сом It is unclear why these nft are needed, but if it is real, the CEO of xsolla has created a fund, up to 100% need to participate in
11 Mar, 2022, 13:19
radomirrossowradomirrossow I heard that these nfts will be used for the launchpad
11 Mar, 2022, 13:14
LegendarutyAirdropusLegendarutyAirdropus I found out who the CEO of this fund is - Xsolla company with a capitalization of $ 3,000,000,000 !!! They deal with transactions and work with valve (Steam), ubisoft and other well-known brands. I expect a lot from this airdrop :)
11 Mar, 2022, 12:45