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The Wombat Web3 Gaming Platform caters to gamers who appreciate the additional benefits of earning and transacting in-game assets as tokens or NFTs, making gaming more exciting. Wombat enables gamers to join the virtual economy, monetize their playtime and achievements, and socialize NFT ownership with friends and peers, earning it the title of The Web3 Gaming Platform.

The Wombat App is integral to this player-centric ecosystem, with optimized functionalities such as Wallet, NFT Gallery, NFT Marketplace, Game Rewards (Womplay), Dapp Explorer, Token Swaps, and Fiat on- and off-ramps, providing gamers with all the tools they need to manage, store, exploit, monetize, and interact with their digital assets within and outside their favorite games.

Wombat ensures that gaming remains about fun, entertainment, and state-of-the-art games/content, allowing gamers to:

- Discover new games that incentivize and monetize their gaming efforts with cryptocurrencies or NFTs
- Manage, transfer, interact, and store their digital assets Share game progress and NFTs with their gaming community or close friends
- Trade, borrow, stack, or swap their cryptocurrencies and NFTs into fiat currencies on established exchanges or third-party marketplaces and access DeFi ecosystems with their digital assets
- Monetize their playtime and gaming efforts in their favorite games and receive cryptocurrencies or NFTs as incentives/rewards

The Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform simplifies the journey for gamers starting in Web 3, helping them become familiar with tokens and NFTs and providing an enjoyable experience of owning game assets.

In addition, Wombat has partnered with leading publishers and game studios from both traditional (Web 2) gaming space and Web 3, targeting the mass-market games segment.

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