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BTC $9.996,71 -1.92% ETH $185,73 -1.19% EOS $3,49 -2.48% XLM $0,06655 -2.34% NEO $9,43 -0.33% WAVES $1,20 -0.8%
Total Supply:
Plattform :OTHER
ICO Price:0.25

WeBuy (WBY)

WeBuy builds a new World for Buyers & Sellers. Webuy creates an absolute new world when it comes to Buyers & Sellers communication.

Choose when & why to be reached and get paid! In this new world, Buyers’ needs are all what matters. Buyers set rules and conditions to be contacted by Sellers which can offer their best products and prices.

Build a profitable business
In this innovative world you can build a profitable business just by sharing stuff from your cellular phone. As big as you want!

Geolocalize a potential Buyer
In this disrupting world local business owners geolocalize in real time potential clients willing to buy their products.

Currently we have 1 Airdrops of WeBuy listed.

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