Unique to Waivlength will be its entirely verified user base. Their thorough verification process will ensure that users on the platform are backed by real people. This creates a barrier against bots, fake accounts, and scammers while also ensuring that online abusers (among everyone else) are held to account for what they say.

Waivlength knows the value of its community and is committed to providing a platform that gives greater user control, improved rewards for social contributions, and a better user experience. The platform’s features will enable users to reach better quality content, improve the searchability of content and receive better rewards for creating and curating content.

Waivlength will also integrate with blockchain technology and incorporate its own cryptocurrency (WAIV) on the platform. This will allow them to decentralize elements of the platform to make user data more secure. It also means the platform can be constructed in a manner where users can be financially rewarded for their social investment and the value they bring to the network via WAIV and other cryptocurrencies and stable coins.

Airdrops by Waivlength