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BTC $10.065,24 -1.56% ETH $220,89 3.29% EOS $3,95 -4.8% XLM $0,08232 5.48% NEO $9,73 -3.39% WAVES $1,08 -6.24%
Total Supply:20.249.855.948
Circ. Supply:8.806.754.266

CMC Rank:#1315
0.44% (24h) ● 55.96% (7d)

WABnetwork (WAB)

WAB provides an answer to the question of scalabiity facing several blockchains. The TPS mark for WAB is expected to peak at 100 million compared with a maximum of 30 for Ethereum at present. One other looming threat to blockchains is the introduction of ASIC mining that leads to high output within a short time. This makes it possible for a blockchain takeover to be possible for platforms that rely on mining. The threat of Quantum computing is also real as this provides an easy-hack into existing blockchains.

Currently we have 1 Airdrops of WABnetwork listed.

Airdropname Status Bounty Tasks Created on
WABnetworkPAYED10000 WAB