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BTC $8.786,99 -2.32% ETH $186,45 -1.52% EOS $3,48 -2.29% NEO $11,22 2.68%

VTOS is a decentralized CDN & social network built in an infrastructure which embraces the full application of blockchain technology.

Some attributes of the VTOS platform are decentralization, has native browser support, ANTI ISP, live streaming encryption, mobile support, CLient-side encryption, SMART P2P upload control and CROSS platform P2P, IOS and Android SDK. VTOS aims to be the leading video, live streaming, and data sharing website. We want to decentralized video and blog content to give value to creators and contributors in a way that has not been done before. VTOS technology is a self-engineered and powered by Masternodes system so others can use it to store data, video, and stream content.

Total Supply:600.000.000
× VTOS Airdrop is closed for now!
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Token 60 VTOS Payout 2018-12-21 Proof 100% REAL!


VTOS has started another airdrop round. You can "win" between 5 - 60 VTOS token.

If you took part in the 1st round you can not participate in this airdrop round. You can only win VTOS token by sending your referral link to your friends.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Chat with Bot
  2. Enter ETH address and E-Mail
  3. Pass Human verfication test
  4. Sign up on their Website (use the same email address as you provide here, or you will not receive your tokens) (+5 VTOS)
  5. Sign up on their VTOS Alpha Social website (+5 VTOS)
  6. Join the following Telegram Groups: VTOS Official, VTOS Bounty, VTOS News (+5 VTOS per joined channel)
  7. Follow them on Twitter (+5 VTOS)
  8. Like their Facebook page (+5 VTOS)
  9. Subscribe to their Youtube channel (+5 VTOS)
  10. Write a comment on their Bitcointalk feed (+5 VTOS)
  11. Share your referral link with others. Refer 1 to 15 friends. (+1 to 15 VTOS)

For all who took part in the 1st round and want to have the chance to win some VTOS token for referrals, you can do the steps 1-3. Afterwards click on "Earned Tokens and Referral" and get your referral link.

We have downgraded it to a 3 star rating, because of the effort it takes and you only have the chance to win VTOS tokens.




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    12 Nov, 2019, 06:24

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