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List your Airdrop on AirdropBob

Who are we?

We are an austrian company, which provides a professional service to get attention on cryptocurrency project via so called airdrops. Some words about the audience of AirdropBob. We currently have arround ~500.000 impressions and ~40.000 unique visitors each month.

We have a worldwide audience located
- 40% in Asia
- 35% in Europe
- 15% in America
- 10% from Africa.

Our top Visitor countries are the United States, Russia, Germany, Indonesia, India, Poland, Nigeria and the Ukraine.
60% of our users visit AirdropBob with their mobile phone.

How can i get listed?

We offer 3 different listing packagas, which you can see below. For a Basic Airdrop Listing we charge a fee of EURO 30. We offer also Premium Packages, which includes additional promotion and guarantees you a fast airdrop listing. Our packages can be paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum. Payments have to be done immediately after you have provided the necessary information.

Please keep in mind that we don't listen every kind of airdrop. We will check your project for certain criterias and we will make a quality check. If we decide not to list your project, we will refund your payment.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
To start with the listing process you have to select one of the below packages and provide us the requested information about your project and airdrop.

  • Select Listing Service
  • Project Details
  • Airdrop Details
  • Contact Details
  • Review
  • Payment