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BTC $10.687,45 2.61% ETH $199,77 3.6% EOS $3,74 0.93% XLM $0,07120 0.96% NEO $10,00 0.56% WAVES $1,27 0.52%
FreeBitcoin is a platform where you are able to earn free bitcoins every hour.
You have the chance to dice every hour once - as higher you have diced is - as higher your rewards are. The highest amount which you can win, is 200$ worth of bitcoins.
Plattform :OTHER
CMC Rank:#1

Total Supply:17.885.012
Lưu hành:17.885.012

Market Cap:$191.164.937.684
24h Volume:$15.158.971.766
Giá bán:

2.6% (24h) ● -6.08% (7d)

Token ? BTC Bằng chứng 100% REAL!


FreeBitcoin is a website which will give you a free amount of bitcoins based on the number you roll in a "dice game".
You can roll once every hour. Beside of that they have a "multiply btc" game - where you can increase your bitcoins, if you are willing to bet them. They also offer a referral system, for which you will get a commission.

Hướng dẫn từng bước một

  1. Register on FreeBitcoin's Website
  2. Scroll down and play the Dice Game. You are able to play it every hour once.
  3. Refer Users and earn 50% of their Dice Prize.
  4. Tham gia nhóm Telegram của AirdropBob & Theo dõi kênh Twitter của AirdropBob (không bắt buộc)


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