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Lịch Airdrop F.A.Qs Tiếp xúc Đề nghị Airdrop

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Xếp hạng sao và thông tin bổ sung của bạn có ý nghĩa gì?

There are three different perspectives:

First, you got the "validation", which is given in percentage. We look up all the information we can get, about the team, the advisors, the investors, about the project itself, and how they look concerning their roadmap.

  • 0% - Scam. don't join (we usually don't list those airdrops, but we update all the old ones, so whenever a project turns out to be a scam, we update the information as soon as possible)
  • 25% - looks scammy, a lot of information is missing, join at own risk
  • 50% - quite some information is missing, but team and project seem to exist, be careful
  • 75% - looks fine, but still some information is missing
  • 100% - everything looks perfectly fine, don't miss out

As a second factor you can find our "star rating" (1 to 5), which represents the value and input/output ratio of the airdrop, the amount of tokens you will get, and their estimated value.

The third factor is the "top rating" label. Only very few airdrops receive the "honor" to be top rated (you can find a red ribbon around the upper left corner of the airdrop symbol). This means, that both, "validation" as well as "star rating" is very good.

Top Example

Whenever you find a "top rated" airdrop, you should take your chances as fast as possible, in order not to miss your chance.