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About Us

AirdropBob is a cryptocurrency website with the aim to provide the latest information about reliable and legitimate crypto airdrops.

AirdropBob was launched in the year 2018 by 4 young crypto enthusiasts. In the year 2017 and 2018 the team joined several airdrops (Minereum, Ontology,...) themselves and they had a very positive experience, but there were also a lot of fake and scam projects, where they put in a lot of effort without results. At this point they missed a website which had trustworthy and accurate information about crypto airdrops. Therefore they started our project to share their experience with people like you. 

Everything which is published, is researched by our own in the best of our knowledge and conscience, in order to make it easier to find the latest airdrops.
It is an easy and safe way to enter the great world of cryptocurrencies and to have first insights into the cryptocurrency industry without any risks.

Values & Goals

  1. Be the first & highest ranked information source for free cryptocurrency
  2. Always offer latest and accurate information
  3. Regular reviews/audits of our listed projects to always keep you up2date
  4. Help to get rid of scams in the cryptoworld

Happy Airdrophunting!

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