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BTC $3.940,39 5.15% ETH $149,01 8.12% EOS $3,64 23.71% XLM $0,08583 6.4% NEO $8,98 6.26% WAVES $2,82 6.4%
Global Blockchain Network for Sensitive File Management

VeryFile will solve the current problem of tracking and storage of sensitive documents Customized smart contracts will eliminate country borders and connect businesses worldwide. Currently, it’s easy to duplicate or print documents and lose track of the hardcopies. It is dangerous transfer them through an unsecure cloud server if those are confidential copies. Infact the file tranfers are no written or recorded, so there is no ability to punish and prevent fraudulent uses.

Veryfile services will include tracking, storage and monitoring of sensitive files and documents, data accessibilità and payment risk. We aim to integrate our technology in existing companies, it will make businesses truly efficient, transparent and reliable.
Total Supply:442.500.000
ICO Price:0.20 USD
× VeryFile Airdrop is closed for now!
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Value $10,60 Token 53 VER Referral VER Payout 2019-03-01 Proof 75%

CLOSED EASY Limited 25.000 User

VeriFile is airdropping 53 VER tokens.

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