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Venom Airdrop

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Venom serves as a flexible blockchain solution meticulously crafted to fulfill the requirements of practical applications. Leveraging its distinct architecture and cutting-edge technology, Venom excels in delivering exceptional performance and robust security, positioning itself as the ultimate platform for decentralized applications.

Venom has announced the forthcoming release of its proprietary token named "VENOM" and has successfully launched its testnet. Users who actively participate in testnet activities may become eligible for an airdrop when the token is officially launched.

Please note:
You should always keep in mind that the various actions are usually not a guarantee for an airdrop or any reward.

Update 10/23:
Additional tasks have been added. It won't be long before all NFTs are available to complete the whole mission.
Update 03/24:
Mainnet launch on 18th March 2024
If you have completed 22 tasks that were available before the Testnet snapshot on 07 March 2024, you should have received the "Early Participant" NFT.

- VENOMToken
- Referral


Venom Update29 Mar, 2024

Step by step guide

Download the Venom wallet for your preferred device and connect to the testnet page
Login with your Twitter account
Click on "Claim" to receive 50 VENOM testnet tokens
Explore the Venom Ecosystem and complete different tasks and mint the related NFTs
Check back often as there are still some tasks to be added
The official announcement can be found here



Venom Update29 Mar, 2024
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