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BTC $10.065,24 -1.56% ETH $220,89 3.29% EOS $3,95 -4.8% XLM $0,08232 5.48% NEO $9,73 -3.39% WAVES $1,08 -6.24%
Total Supply:140.000.000
Plattform :ERC20
ICO Price:0.1

Venezuela (V4U)

Venezuela4U is a project by and for the Venezuelan people. Venezuela is experiencing one of the most terrible humanitarian crises throughout its history, he is being denied humanitarian aid and many people can not even buy food. V4U wants to help in this situation. Venezuela For You is here to stay and be the cryptocurrency to remittances from abroad without paying large commissions offered by other companies.

Currently we have 1 Airdrops of Venezuela listed.

Airdropname Status Bounty Tasks Created on
VenezuelaCLOSED100 V4U