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  • CMC Rank#1686
  • Total Supply20.051.100
  • Circ. Supply19.917.300
  • Market Cap$5.731.880
  • 24h Volume $686.168
VELA Price
$ 0,0263

Vela Exchange is a cutting-edge blockchain-based perpetual exchange that prioritizes self-custody and permissionless trading. It has been designed with a unique architecture that guarantees secure and rapid transactions, as well as the potential for expanding into synthetic options and derivatives.

The rewards system has been meticulously crafted to balance token and rewards supply while still offering substantial incentives for liquidity providers and traders. Although perpetual trading is presently the primary offering of Vela Exchange, its ultimate objective is to serve as a comprehensive platform for traders seeking to trade crypto assets and leveraged products.

This vision is an ever-evolving aspect of the Vela team's philosophy as they work to further develop their presence within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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