Unite Blockchain is a pioneering Layer 3 (L3) EVM-compatible blockchain specifically engineered to revolutionize mobile web3 gaming. It leverages the robust security and decentralization of foundational Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks, while offering the speed and efficiency characteristic of an L3 solution. This platform furnishes a highly tailored environment for developers, enabling them to craft immersive and scalable gaming experiences that extend the frontiers of blockchain-based gaming.

As a dedicated L3 chain, Unite Blockchain utilizes cutting-edge optimistic-rollup technology to achieve remarkable scalability, virtually instantaneous transaction finality, and significantly reduced gas fees for in-game activities and NFT transactions. Its EVM compatibility and specifically adjusted gas and contract limits empower developers to build intricate gaming worlds that integrate smoothly with the decentralized web. Unite Blockchain’s mobile-first strategy and sophisticated technical structure are set to transform the future of mobile web3 gaming, offering unmatched experiences to a global audience.

Supporting Unite Blockchain’s framework is a decentralized network of Oracle Nodes. These nodes collaborate to validate and secure operations, ensuring transaction integrity, maintaining consensus, and safeguarding the blockchain against potential threats. Through the use of advanced cryptographic methods and strategic incentive structures, the Oracle Nodes establish a sturdy and dependable base for the entire network.

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