At TurinLabs, they are committed to enabling both individuals and businesses to attain financial independence through their groundbreaking crypto financial services. Their products are designed to leverage the power of decentralization, simplify access to the crypto industry, and promote individual autonomy, as they strive to transform the way the world handles money.

Details of their products:
TurinWallet is a mobile application that facilitates entry into the world of Bitcoin for non-experts. It allows you to purchase, send, receive, and exchange Bitcoin in real time with ease. With TurinWallet, your funds are kept stable, avoiding volatility. They only convert your BTC at the moment you need to use it, so you can be relaxed about the fluctuation in prices. The value of your money will remain constant.

TurinPay is a merchant-focused product designed to increase sales for businesses by accepting instant payments through the Bitcoin-lightning network. It is simple to integrate and always free for the merchant, allowing them to engage with customers worldwide, with no wait times, geographical limitations, or fees.

TurinPool is the primary framework for building liquidity for security tokens based on the Polygon blockchain. It enables companies to gain liquidity by tokenizing their equity, and complying fully with EU and Spanish regulations. TurinPool is focused on equity tokens and solves the tokenization and liquidity issues by creating decentralized liquidity pools for each token, following the "Uniswap models" prevalent in other blockchains.

Airdrops by TurinLabs