Treta is a regulated digital currency exchange owned by Quoqqa Pty Ltd which is registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC).

- Safety is Paramount
Treta places utmost importance on security, and they are dedicated to fostering trust among their clients. Their focus lies in employing advanced safeguards against sophisticated SQL injections, employing TLS 1.2 for data protection, countering clickjacking tools, and much more.
- Regulation-Compliant
Treta diligently attends to all aspects of user safety. They ensure that their platform adheres to regulatory and legal requirements, internal policies, and bylaws.
- Transparent Operations
As an ecosystem, they aim to streamline and expedite processes while offering robust security and liquidity features. Their transparency serves as evidence of their capability to be a prosperous digital currency exchange.

Airdrops by Treta Exchange