Transcodium (TNS)

Transcodium aims to provide the first peer-to-peer decentralized file editing, transcoding and distribution platform with high quality and reliable computational power at a very affordable price. This will create a global market for users, willing to rent their idle machines to be used as workers. Further, at the end of the processing, the worker (processor) will be rewarded with the TNS Tokens.

  • PlatformERC20
  • CMC Rank#1491
  • Total Supply88.600.000
  • Circ. Supply58.553.571
  • Market Cap$72.439
  • 24h Volume $54.342
-5.61% (24h)
-6.07% (7d)
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Transcodium airdrops 30 TNS tokens (~$0,04) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks. They also offer a referral programm where you can earn additional TNS for each user you refer. Transcodium is listed on CoinMarketCap and is ranked on #1493, based on their current market capitalisation.

$0,04 Value
30 TNS Token
5 TNS Referral
100% REAL! Proof

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