The PIPE Lab to IPO Pathway & Platform (PIPE™) is a collaborative environment where European IP creators from university research and academia engage with global IP exploiters, including investors and expert advisors. This collaboration facilitates the transfer of early-stage, high-value, high-growth projects from the lab to IPO or other outcomes via the PIPE decentralized secondary market, known as PIPExchange (PEX™). This process enhances project outcomes and returns, fostering trade and liquidity that benefits all members and stakeholders, including partner universities.

The PIPE gDAO™ protocol establishes an immutable web3 structure that provides a robust governance framework for the PIPE General Fund (PGF™), which incorporates both permissionless and permissioned protocols.

This framework offers unique features that enable community members to invest in early, seed, pre-seed, follow-on, and Series A+ rounds, extending to IPO and beyond, while developing specialized interest groups for investment. The PIPE gDAO and PGF financially support the identification, formation, and funding of high-growth, high-value R&D/IP derived from European universities, emphasizing superior commercial, environmental, and societal impact.

Airdrops by The PIPE gDAO