tea Airdrop

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tea is a decentralized protocol reinforced by reputation and incentives. It improves the sustainability and integrity of the software supply chain by enabling open-source developers to capture the value they generate in a trustless way.

tea has garnered $16,90 million in investments from top investors, including Binance and Woodstock Fund, and has revealed plans to introduce the "TEA" token. The company has also rolled out a reward-based testnet campaign, where participants can collect points by engaging in specific activities. Furthermore, Tea has pledged to distribute TEA tokens to these testnet users, with the distribution amount depending on the points each user has earned.

- TEAAllocated Token
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Step by step guide

Visit tea's Airdrop Page and signup using your Google, Github, or Microsoft account
You'll receive 100 points and 1.000 testnet tokens
Complete different tasks like staking, un-staking, etc. to collect points
Make sure to check back often, as new tasks will be added regularly
The official announcement can be found here
If you want to receive the latest airdrops and updates, you can follow us on X, Telegram or Facebook.

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