tagSpace Airdrop

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  • Payout 2022-08-24

tagSpace is the metaverse creation platform that seamlessly merges the physical world with the virtual.

With tagSpace you can navigate your world in new ways, discover new adventures while traveling, have premium entertainment in your home, and create your own magical environments.

tagSpace is giving away a total of 5.000 USDT (TRC-20) during their airdrop promo.

20 USDT for 100 randomly picked participants
250 USDT for the top referral, 150 USDT for the second best referral, 100 USDT for the third best referral
100 USDT for 5 best participants for executing all remaining optional tasks (Review App / Twitter / Reddit)

3.000 USDTAllocated Token
TRX Blockchain

Step by step guide

Register with your details
Follow tagSpace's Twitter Page and retweet the mentioned tweet
Do different Tasks on their platform and earn entries
Submit your details to the airdrop page
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Suzzy leeSuzzy lee I really great to go a head
26 Jul, 2022, 17:04
SANTOMAXSANTOMAX This is an amazing project, and am happy to be among the supporters of this project. I hope this project succeed at last, more success and achievement to the tea
26 Jul, 2022, 15:37
Md. ShafiMd. Shafi Yeah I am ready to go ahead
25 Jul, 2022, 08:21