Swace (SWACE)

Swace is a community-driven initatve, envisioned as a soluton to the unsatsfactory experiences users and brands have with social networks, each from their own perspectve. It is an independent platform featuring preset gaming frames brands can use to engage with users, who in turn get rewards for partcipatng and winning games. The app’s economy is based on decentralized blockchain technology and revolves around a token called the Swace Coin.

  • PlatformERC20
  • Total Supply2.700.000.000
  • Circ. SupplyN/A
0.02 USD
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Swace airdrops up to 250 SWACE tokens (~$5,00) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks. They also offer a referral programm where you can earn additional SWACE for each user you refer.

$5,00 Value
250 SWACE Token
50 SWACE Referral
75% Proof

Step by step guide

Chat with the Swace's Telegram Bot
Follow Swace's Twitter Page and retweet the pinned post (+150 for task 2-4, mandatory)
Follow Swace's Reddit Channel (+50, optional)
Join their advertiser´s Telegram (+25, optional)
Follow their advertiser´s Twitter channel and retweet the post about SWACE airdrop. (+25, optional)
Submit your details to the Bot.
Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group & Twitter Channel (optional)

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