Suterusu (SUTER)
  • BlockchainEthereum
  • Coingecko Rank#2697
  • Total Supply10.00 billion
  • Circ. Supply3.64 billion
  • Market Cap$1.133.888
  • 24h Volume $13.137
The Suterusu airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
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Suterusu Airdrop

  Token listed on Coingecko
  • Paid out
  • Limited to 5.000 User

Suterusu is a project that aims to make crypto privacy commonplace by allowing blockchains to implement Suterusu’s own version of zk-SNARKs—known as zk-ConSNARKs. Like the zk-SNARKs used in the popular privacy-coin Zcash, zk-ConSNARKs can be used to privately verify transactions and data, but in a far more user-friendly and powerful way thanks to their constant size. Essentially, Suterusu bring scalable, ZCash privacy to any blockchain.

Introducing the Suterusu Community Program with LBank. In our quest to build the most advanced blockchain agnostic privacy network in the world, we're teaming up with other incredible companies and projects to reward other communities for helping to secure our network. The second partner for our community program is LBank, our exchange partner.
Members of the LBank community will be invited to join the Suterusu community and create a wallet on the Suterusu network. Each LBank community member who joins will be given 200 Suter tokens, which will be automatically staked to the LBank validator node to start earning Suter token rewards.

200 SUTERToken
- Referral

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