Super Moon Lotto is a crypto project that creates MILLIONAIRES. It has 2 major features.

1. It has a reflection mechanism. Holders will earn passive income just by holding. 4% of every transaction will be redistributed to all its holders.
2. Super Moon Lotto offers free weekly lotto tickets to its holders. The lotto draw will be held once a week. The drawing of balls will be done by the smart contract itself, thus eliminating any manipulations. As long as holders hold the tokens, they will have unlimited free chances to take part in the weekly lotto draw. They only have to go on to their official website and pick their lucky numbers. Winners of the lotto will win the weekly jackpot, which is composed of
i) a prize of 4% of the total transactions that place in the previous week and

ii) a pre-reserved amount of tokens from SuperMoonLotto. IF NO ONE WINS THE JACKPOT, 5 BALLS WILL BE TAKEN AWAY IN THE NEXT DRAW, LEAVING A MUCH HIGHER CHANCE OF WINNING. The same process will repeat if no one hits the jackpot until the number of balls remains 20! In others words, they force our holders to win the jackpot. They want to create as many millionaires as possible! In order to uphold integrity and fairness, they have hired a famous crypto auditing firm, to audit their smart contracts, making sure that their holders can trade in a fair and safe environment.

Airdrops by Super Moon Lotto