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Stradall Promo

  • Paid out
  • Payout 2023-03-03

Stradall is a card game in which players compete in races using cards that represent different automobiles, each with its own real-life abilities. The player's goal is to defeat their opponents using strategies and tactics to obtain various rewards and upgrades.

Stradall is giving away a total of 1.000 USDT tokens (TRC20) during their airdrop promo.

10 winners will share the airdrop pool

1.000 USDTAllocated Token

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Aya1312Aya1312 <p>Ok, got it</p>
29 Jan, 2023, 16:41
Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang
Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang OK, I got it.
24 Jan, 2023, 16:50
mitri05mitri05 <p>good job!</p>
24 Jan, 2023, 16:31
Arif Billah Arif Billah <p>Good work</p>
21 Jan, 2023, 07:50
Narendra MahalaNarendra Mahala Good work
12 Jan, 2023, 07:20