The Space Xmitter airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
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Space Xmitter Promo

  Listed on Coingecko
  • Paid out
  • Payout 2023-01-20

Space Xmitter is a pure contract game platform to earn while playing, all playing rules are on the contract, and there is no loophole, all contract games only use a small amount of money to participate, gather less into the more, achievement of the crowd, create a completely free and fair contract game platform.

Space Xmitter is giving away a total of $99.000 worth of SX tokens during their airdrop promo.

101.48 thousand SXAllocated Token

Step by step guide

Visit Space Xmitter's Airdrop Page and register with your details
Follow Space Xmitter's Twitter Page and retweet the mentioned tweet
Join Space Xmitter's Telegram Group
Join Space Xmitter's Telegram Announcement Channel
Join Space Xmitter's Discord Channel
Do different Tasks on their platform and earn entries
Submit your details to the airdrop page
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12 Jan, 2023, 07:23