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SPACE ID Airdrop

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SPACE ID is constructing a network for a universal name service that offers a centralized identity platform enabling users to find, enroll, exchange, and govern web3 domains.

The platform comprises a Web3 Name SDK & API that developers can use across various blockchains and features a multi-chain name service that allows users to create and develop web3 identities with ease.

At present, SPACE ID does not possess its own token; however, it is a possibility that they may introduce one in the future. If they do launch their own token, it is probable that early adopters who have already purchased domains may be considered for an airdrop, as was the case with the ENS.

Please note:
It should be noted that there is no assurance that SPACE ID will carry out an airdrop for early users or create their own token. Any such possibilities are merely conjecture at this point.

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20 Mar, 2023

Step by step guide

Visit the SPACE ID website and connect your BSC wallet
We recommend using Metamask
Choose a ".bsc" domain you want and complete the buying process
Ensure that you designate the domain as your primary name in your profile



20 Mar, 2023
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